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how do you start a life without drugs?

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hello newbie here.
i've just recently stopped taking drugs which consisted of weed, coke and speed. finding it quite easy to stop taking, easier than i thought, just the lifestyle got hold of me. i and two others were regular users particularly weed and more recently coke. i was the lightest user, and i just became so depressed watching my money get pissed away on 20 minute high. i hated the dealers we went to, i hated getting back into work mode and i hate the person drugs make me. i have a few other really close friends i would tell nothing about my drug habit because i am so ashamed. however i am more determined than ever to get away from it. but i'm terrified of what my other friends will do if i resent them. i want them to stop, because they are really quite dependant on me esp one of them. i honestly think the hole will get deeper for them and they're spending all their money on drugs cause they're bored with their lives and i feel responsible for not getting them out of it. but i'm much younger than them and haven't been doing it for nearly as long as them, and i honestly can not do it anymore or watch fucking dealers make money off other people's problems. i don't even want to drink anymore. the whole scene is very tiresome. all i wanted was to get this off my chest and to hear your experiences just to know i'm not alone. i know so many people who do drugs but none of them seem to feel like me.


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    I still enjoy being part of the drug scene but I can understand where you are coming from.
    I was addicted to coke and I gave that up a while ago, I found it hard and it took several attempts but now I am a much richer and better person because of it. I never want to go back to using that drug, although I still enjoy taking Ecstasy e.t.c.

    The truth is, I don't know how to start a new life without drugs... the only thing that helped me stop using coke was to continue taking other drugs and drinking.
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    Using drugs isnt something that many people feel is inherantly wrong or shameful, granted funding nasty criminals isnt the height of ethics but thats another matter really.

    As for how you start your new life, I guess its the same as if you moved to a new town, find new places to go, new activities... play some sport, go bowling, join a dance class... anything really.

    As to how you help your friends using, in reality you cant do all that much other than discuss your concerns with them, but I'd avoid nagging them because it will only push them away.
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    I still enjoy the drug scene aswell, most of my mates and associates take them but not all. My gf doesn't do anything apart from drink and thats cool with me too!!

    I have though through the years lost some very good mates through drugs, I must be one of the lucky ones where it hasn't grabbed hold of me and fucked me up like it seems to be doing to you, different people react in different ways to the kinds and amounts of drugs being taken!! My mates just woke up one morning, I get a phone call "thats it I've had enough, I can't keep doing this any longer, I need to get off the drugs and sort my head out" and that was it, I see them passing in the street 2/3 years later!! I'm not talking about smack/crack addictions here either, we were just doing what I'm still doing now but 8/9 years ago!! That is smoking skunk daily, weekends consisting of drink, coke and pills!!

    I think it would be hard to get out of the drug scene without changing mates to drug free ones but it is possible I reckon, it just needs a hell of a lot of willpower!! I've never being able to turn down a line of sniff being passed my way but I know lads who do!!

    Good Luck!!
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    its not like i have other interests, i love doing so many other things, its that i can't afford to do as much as i want to, even put petrol in my car some days. it that i have a life, and i have this "drug life"
    too and the drug life is eating up my other life, which i was so happy with. i never judge anyone for what they do, even if i don't agree with it. cause i understand why people do things and i hate that other people judge. so thats not ereally what i'm frightened of.
    its just really overwhelming how differently i have thought in these past 3 or 4 days, and nothing really has changed apart from how i'm thinking. i'm staying really quite positive, i just had to get it off my chest.
    so thanks for listening
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