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DS linux help

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Ok, basicly I have a laptop problem so I loaded Linux onto a cd and booted to try and get some photos of the HDD before formating (but how do I) I've never used Linux before and can't even find anything which might represent something like my computer etc,

Help please (btw im using damn small linux)


  • Indrid ColdIndrid Cold Warming up? Posts: 16,688
    I looked at a website about it, and I've never used that desktop environment so I can't say for sure, sorry. But wherever it has programs, look if there's one called "nautilus" or a "konqueror", these are file managers.
    Other than that, try for anything that could be a file manager or in the very least open a terminal and I can tell you what the commands are. Unless somebody appears who knows how to use the DE.

    EDIT: The website says that the file manager DSL has is "emelFM". Look for that in the menus. If you can't find it in the menus but can find a terminal or a "run application" dialog, type emelFM into it and it should work.
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