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Gaming control panel

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Hello again my friends :)

Looking to start selling gameservers with my hosting company, now , i can get the servers and run them and everything, im doing my research into optimal systems and stuff. The only problem is , i want a simple control panel i can issue on each server that allows them to control the server.

The idea is , they simply visit a page, press start and the server is up, they could also be able to change rcon passwords , and things like that.

So im looking for suggestions of any good panels, now i know theres the plugin for cpanel but im not running cpanel just to run a plugin, seems pointless for the cause, and its more expensive than running an alternate one.

My second idea was to build a simple one of my own and expand on it eventually reaching release but i have no idea how to make a php script log into ssh and run a .sh file in the root directory or similar. Tutorials?

Well any ideas are welcome to help me out, im sure we have some people with some experience in this sort of thing here somewhere, so just let me know what youve got/used.

Thanks in advance! :)


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    one of my friends built one, it worked very well. if you can run apache on the gameserver(s) then you can execute the commands from the webserver, easier than getting a seperate server to log in via ssh and execute a process.

    Not sure of any others, i think there weren't many, hence why my friend wrote one
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