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okay im not really..im home for the weekend again and being discharged either tuesday or wednesday. haven't visited his myspace profile so that's willpower for you. my head feels a bit charged up because of therapy sessions where the therapists want me to 'be more animated' ie bawl a lot. its happened but mostly privately and with a nurse i like. hmm! things are still strange and i feel kinda bad/weird making an entire thread dedicated to saying hello again..things are still raw and i get paranoid that people think i am in hospital because i got dumped. plus im reading the bell jar by sylvia plath in my room there and hide it incase the dr gets the wrong idea. things have come out from my past that i've been holding in and i didnt exactly mourn my dad's death or have a chance to exactly and the college hoohah bragh.
anyway just wanted to say hi in my usual format of down right refusing to use capital letters :p hope everyone is well and enjoying summer


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