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How Much Is Too Much E?

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As a bit of a novice to the pill popping scene I was wondering if there is such thing as a reckonised average amount that people take? Now I realise that this a bit of a stupid question as everyone is different and have their own levels. However, the same could be said of lager and yet I know that me and my friends will all consume around 10 pints on a Friday or Saturday night (that figure needs lowering for Stella!). So, assuming a timescale of about 10 hours, what do people think is an average amount to take? and, as a side question, whats the most you've every taken in a night? I'll kick things off, I took 7 round a mates house on about my 3rd time in the space of about 4 hours and regretted it.


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    I found out quite a bit about pills a couple oif weeks ago.... Apparently how they work is release seretonin in the brain which is the stuff that makes u feel good. That's what MDMA does n e way, the other stuff in pills is what gives u other buzz's.
    Apparently u can actually run out of Seretonin which is y after u take a lot of pills u dont get loved up n e more.
    I did 22 in about 6 hours and don't know n e 1 who's done more than that I was ok but apparently I should've OD'd on Seretonan.
    Also I done about 1500 pills in total.... and appanrently by now I should have run out of Seretonan and be in a state of depression...
    That's the official thing.. but as far as I know as long as u can handle the buzz u can take as many as u want.
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    The most I have taken in a night was 13 round a mates house, and I could barly move. I was hallucinating pretty badly as well. It wasn't a great experience as I started having this white foamy stuff in my mouth, but I swallowed that straight down because it would have been the most expensive sick of my life. It tasted rank like pills do when you chew them or snort them. I don't think it was sick because I was sick a couple of times that night but it weren't like that foamy shit. If anyone knows what that stuff tell me because I don't have a clue. By the way my mate took 36 on news years eve and nearly past out. Another mate took 23 just a couple of weeks after taking his first.
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    god ur so cool daze, im so glad ur back!!!!!!!
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    Personal experience and the mistakes of others has taught me that "too much" of anything is the point in which you lose touch with reality to the point in which you become a danger to yourself & others. Over the years I have adopted a reasonably safe habit, if I am partaking of anything more than I am comfortable with, I am trying a new drug/or drug combination, or most importantly if I am in a non-familiar location I always ensure we have a "wrangler". Someone very familiar with us & the effects of psychodelics, and who stays 100% sober to keep us all either out of jail or the morgue. It works, especially for us, being the type to never be able to get high enough, if 1 is good, 5 must be great. That trait is deadly and happens to suck. Basically, if you can handle the dosage, it's not too much.

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    Well I personnally would leave your limit to 7 mate. I have taken 12 in one nite b4 and my best mate (a 33 year old, very experianced pill popper and also haridresser!) took 15. She then went on to cut off my friends hair, which funnilly enough looked fantastic that nite, but unfortunatly didnt look quite the same when we were all straight. The reason I dont recomend doin over 5/7 is purly coz Ive found u feel fucking bolloxed after. I mean times your normal comedown by how many pills u pop and thats how shit u will feel.
    By the way, talking of comedowns. Did u know that Prozac prevents comedown if u r on it when u take exstacy. I read it in a book once and have discovered it for myslef as I was on prozac for four years and when I come off finally found ut wat a comedown really is. Just thought id let u all no that!
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