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Should cannabis be legalised?

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From what i've heard, cannabis could have some good medical benefits e.g. pain relief, insomnia etc.

So shud it be legalised?

Just for health reasons or for everything?

And shud u b able to get it on prescription?

I don't smoke it and i never have, i'm just curious <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/biggrin.gif"&gt;

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    well im prob biast as i have never taken it either but alot of my mates do and with most of them they just mellow down. But with a couple it has some different effects. 1 mate just turns very voilent and aggresive when he smokes it and starts trashing everything he can see (we are normally indoors) and starts hitting/swearing/spitting at people. Although he is quite small and im quite big he can be a handful to control.

    But alot of old people take it as medication for authoritis (sp?) and so on.

    I think it is alright how it is, it is very easy to get hold off and if you get caught with it you normally get let off or a small fine.

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