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Ive got this really close friend, who reacently has been taking drugs! Im really worried about him! I lost someone close too me a few years back, i dont want to lose him he's like my best pal! He promised me he would stop then i find out he's still doing it! I really want him too stop, so can anyone give me any advice! Apart from taking him for special help, coz he refuses!
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    The sad fact is that there really isn't much you can do to help. Unless your friend wants help, nothing you do will convince him. This is really tough for you and anyone close to an addict to watch their loved ones destroy their lives.

    There are lots of things people will try to do to intervene, such as using "tough love" techniques like throwing them out of the house, or doing these "interventions" where families sit the person down and try to shame the addict into getting help.

    IMHO, this is all pointless. I'm sure anyone else who has been addicted will agree with me...until you are ready nothing and nobody will chnage your mind.

    I'll tell you what the most helpful thing people did for me was though, and frankly it was the type of help that got me through. The people who helped were the ones who were supportive and not angry and judgemental. Some were there anytime I needed and others said "I can't deal with you while you are using, but I love you, am willing to help if you ask and will be there for you when you need me."

    I realzie how hard it must be for you to watch what is happening to your friend, and you have every right to tell him that you can't handle being around him while he is using. I just think it is the difference between hope and despair for an addict to know that they are still loved.

    BTW, how long has he been using? What is the drug, and how long has this been going on. I only ask because I find that there are certain things you may be able to do depending on what he's doing and how bad things are. Does he know that he's an addict, or does he feel that he's a recreational user?

    Anyway, I have a lot of experience with this, and have just beat another addiction 5 years after the first one. I happy to give you any insight I can.

    Best of luck...stay strong.
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    i doubt its nothing more than cannabis which in my opinion isn't really a drug, more of a herb. Thats what most start on.

    got any more info grizzly?
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