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Stop the voices

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Why do so many people come on this board just to say 'drugs are bad'? Do they think they are being Christian souls by trying to save others from evils? I would go as far to say that nothing is bad as long as you do it in moderation (except rape,killing and child abuse,and beastiality,and supporting Man U/Spurs). Try things before you criticise and even then just because you don't like it, it doesn't make it bad. I don't like the Manic Street Preachers but I don't try and tell Manic fans not to like them. Thank you and goodnight.


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    A fantastic piece of writing. This should be at the top of every drug related page.
    Go on Dom, stick it up somewhere.
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    I guess some people fail to understand why people would do something (drug taking) that can in some cases be so dangerous. I am trying to understand it myself in my sociology desertation as I have never really got into anything like that.
    I find it hard to conceive of why my parents smoke cigarettes; they can't afford it, they don't want to quit because it will make them put weight on apparently and makes stressful situations harder to bear. Yet, it damages their health and did so for their parents.
    I did indeed come on here yesterday for the first time to hear why people had started taking drugs and in some cases it seems quite sad for the individual feeling like that was the best thing they could do in a bad situation. I wondered whether I should point out some of the side effects to taking drugs, but I stopped myself as I thought most of you people know perfectly well what they are doing and I am not counsellor.
    If anyone does want to make a comment on anything drug related for use of my desertation or other then my e-mail address specifically for my desertation is here:
    [email protected]
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    Superb!! I'll frame it and hang it over my bed. Come on Dom, that deserves a prize.
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    drugs r just a poor excuse for self pity, and want of attention, and the ones who have this most r the ones who brag about it, no need 2 mention any names!!!!!!!
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    Oh, great. Another one. Look, people use drugs for many reasons. weed is everywhere, it comes in very handy. Everyone knows about the myths. Ok. A little info on me. Living in the brighton area sort of, anyway, drugs are freely available. I first got into them when a girl dumped me and was kinda horrible about it. I got some speed as the emotional pain was so intense. I got addicted. soon broke to habit and started to hang with dodgy types. I tried a little whiff of crack and it kinda felt good. It went on from there and I frequently take a puff (only one puff so I dont get addicted) and i do this every 2 weeks for safety reasons as crack can be very addictive if you get too high. Cokes the most common one i use, just a quick snort before i go out. As for self pity. I am the most popular person around my area, I actually do charity collections and my mum is part of the community meeting thing. I didn't have a bad upbringing and I am not ashamed of who I am. I don't really hate anyone either (except GUTS GOLEM and other idiots) The reason why I am here is to lend my advice to people who may get into trouble with these substances. I've practically done everything and so has Daze. Hes on hol so he may not put in a reply. But this board is for people to discuss their experiences and share their knolege of drugs and help keep others safer. Drugs are not the sign of a terrible life, they often are with cases of heroin addicts and others who are foolish enough to get fully dependant on drugs that require more to get the same effect. I dont brag about it, and I dont really promote it, I just advise those who may want help and advice. I'd rather all but me and Daze stayed away from hard drugs as we are of a very few who have learnt to respect the danger of what we do through surviving addictions. If you want advice on anything about drugs helly, im right here, but if not then you should stick to the other boards.
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    ok diryty harry, i apologise. 4 that little message i wrote i had written a huge essay about how pathetic druggies r etc, then i thought about it and deleted, still kinda feelin strongly about it i wrote that, but then i went and couldnt stop thinkin about how nieve i am to drugs. i suppose ive never been around too many people who r in 2 drugs, and the ones i was/am around never pressure anyone in 2 doing them. i experimented on my own free will. i suppose what im tryin 2 say is that ive not grow up in an atmosphere where drugs were readily aviable, or had any severe problems where ive wanted to turn 2 drugs. every1 is different, the only things i dislike is people who use em 2 'fit in' or they use em due 2 pressure and dont have the self confidence or will power 2 refrain themselves. but the worst is using em 2 try and look good and to have somethin 2 brag about. im sorry if i offended any1 but ive never thought about it thoroughly b4, i guess ive bin quick 2 judge.
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    Excellent response, Dirty Harry.

    Just wanted to add a few things. Yes, people use drugs for many reasons. In my case, I never was into drugs in school. The sum total of my experience was smoking a joint once or twice. When I was 21, some friends who used heroin asked if I wanted to try it. I never considered getting addicted since they had always used receationally (once or twice a month), so I figured it would be the same for me...and hey, I was awfully curious about it. I had a different reaction to it...I fell in love with the high and within 2 weeks had a $300/day habit. My addiction was as close to hell as you can get on earth. I lost everything...my job, my marriage, my life savings. Rock bottom came when I overdosed and nearly died. That's when I finally was able to clean up. I had been clean of all drugs for almost 5 years until about 6 weeks ago. Someone offered me a line of coke at a party. I remeber thinking it wasn't a big deal..hell, I don't even like coke that much. Within a week I was going though an eight-ball a day, and had switched from snorting to injecting. I've lost my job again,and have run out of money.

    I guess my point is that you really can't judge addicts or users unless you've been there. Dirty Harry, it seems that you are one of the lucky ones who are able to control their drug use. I'm one of the unfortunate individuals who truly gets hooked the first time.

    That being said, I would never judge another person for their use or abuse of drugs.Some people can go their whole lives with no interest in experimenting. That's just fine.But I am no less of a human being than anyone else just because I had trouble controlling my use (I like to think that the drugs controlled me, actually).As Dirty Harry said, drug use is not a sign of a horrible upbringing, or some kind of emotional instability. It can happen to anyone.

    I'm going to be leaving town for the country in couple of days to try and clean up again, but I look forward to hearing more opinions from everyone here.

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    Burnout girl Hi,
    Thank you for sharing your post with us, I hope you manage to get clean while you are away. Please continue to share your experiences with the boards, apart from the occasional arseole, you will find people here to be genuine, caring and understanding individuals who want to try and help others by sharing their experience and knowledge. Listen to the wisdom of dirty harry, he obviously knows what it is like to be in a position similar to yours.

    take care of yourself and keep in touch
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    Yes, and that goes for everyone. If you've got a problem, or just want to have a rant like Turtle did, do it here.

    Hope you manage to stay off, good luck. Use the board for emotional support as well, we're all listening!
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    Thanks for the responses and support.
    In case your interested, I thought I'd update you on how I'm doing.

    I went up north last week to clean up and it went really well. However, I have used twice this week.Despite the fact that I've used, I feel very confident that I've taken some really positive steps this week. I've made appointments with several treatment centres for assessment, and I'm on a waiting list for a program specifically for women who are IV users.

    This time around, at least I've been able to recognize the problem early on, and I know what resources are available.

    Wish me luck!

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    Burnout_girl. I just wanted to wish u the best of luck. I havent ever been a heroin user (although many of my friends have been addicts), but have been on crack and coke hard for about four years ( bearing in mind im only 18 its quite long!).Ive also been a heavy speed user, to the point of injecting, and taken everything else but heroin. Ive now stoppped everything and not looked back. It was easier for me as I found out I am pregnant and knew that no matter what I couldnt continue taking drugs. Ithink if u have a reason to quit it helps a lot. Im not telling u to go get pregnant just so u can quit by the way. Maybe u should take a long look and realise that your reason for quitting is for yourself. U have obviosly seen that its gone too far now and r trying to get clean. I really hope that u find the strangth to do it, and its gonna be hard. Ive found it so difficult. I just want u to know that there r plenty of people standing behind u and I would love to hear of your progres or any shit u wanna get out. Good luck girl and take care. Lots of love Lolly
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    just wanna say, well done 4 ur progress so far and good luck to completely stop. i've never bin addicted to anythin and so i couldnt even imagine how difficult it is.
    once again good luck, and as lolly said keeps us updated as we'd like to know how u get on.
    c ya
    love helly
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    What's with the essays on the boards nowadays???
    As far as I'm concerned ppl have their own opinions on drugs, if they don't do em then that's there choice but they shouldn't go aropund bitching bout ppl who take em... reckon they only do that cos they're jealous that their lives r missing summing that ppl who take drugs have... They should try em b4 slagging em off.
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