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I've taken hash and Grass and when i took the grass i started trippin' on it and that freaked me out i felt like i was on fire all over my body. That was only Grass so other drugs like E or Lsd scare me to take them. what are the effects of them like?

luv y'all loads!!!

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    Yeah some sorts of grass can make u trip... not really normal but stuff like Purple Haze has LSD or another Halucinigenic in it...Other drugs like XTC n LSD... well Ecstasy can be different depending what's in it... The average reaction is a Rush... which just makes u energetic and a feeling that u love everythin n everythings really cool...If ur thinking of doing it... do a Half of a pill first cos it'll b all u need n e way... the affects last for about 4 hours
    LSD on the other hand is much more intense... it's more of a mind thing... Most LSD isn't all what it's made out to be... u don't just start seeing Elephants n stuff.. the visuals are more like making lines wave and stuff... strong acid though can distort everything into weird shapes... If u take acid.. make sure u do it in a familiar enviroment with ppl that u like and trust... that pretty much ensures u'll have a good trip... the affects last for like 24 hours sometimes with acid but it's definately worth trying cos it changes ur perception for the better
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