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    I too have questions to ask. Probably post them nearer to the relevent time.
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    Originally posted by star_spangled_banner:
    <STRONG>I don't understand you drug users, you are given an amazing chance in this world, your born a miracle, a delicate balance of thousands of chemical interactions, and spiritual greatness yet you feel the need to compromise it all for a quick buzz. Polluting the body is in no way good for you, and its a sin, a sin which ultimatly will lead you to hell, can you not enjoy life and all its wonders without doin heroin or ecstasy or anything like that ? Drugs only ever end in tears, they never have a happy ending. Is it that you wish to rebel against those which make you feel insecure ? Do you lack faith and guidance ? Can you justify such a shamless waste of the precious years you have ? Giving up isn't as hard as you imagine, i once had a friend who abused his body with drugs, but he found god, he found reason and direction, now he leads a happy normal life, why don't you try similar methods in your fight with evil ?</STRONG>

    OK, I used to smoke pot to cope with my life, you want to know why? because i was born a Christian, with a strict Christian upbringing and your merciful God abandoned me...fucked me up bad becayuse I believed I was a bad person for not doing every single think right to please him.

    When you're depressed, you don't give a shit what you do to your body. Do you think that when I dragged a razor across my arm, I gave a toss about the idea that I might be causing myself a lot of damage? When you're depressed, you can't enjoy life.

    Drugs never ended in tears for me and I never started to rebel...neither did I end because I was enlightened. As for giving up...well maybe you should do some research into that...find out what some of these drugs are like to come off of before you go telling us that it's not hard.

    As for evil...define it...
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