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Should I Take This Offer?

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I was talking to my work placement manager yesterday and she told me that she won't be able to take me on as an apprentice in September. (Even though they do need more staff) She told me that she has a friend who can help me out. It's something like 2 days at a random ollege which I have no idea where it is (It's about 2.8 miles from where I live now), 2 days at placement and one day doing Key skills. (which I'm doing now and have pretty much either done everything at GNVQ ICT or doing everything else in Child Care)

If I was to do this, I would have to pay £15 p/m for a bus pas and I'm not too sure whether I'll get paid for this or not.

It's either that or find another placement and ee f they can take me on and employ me next year. (I've not like either of the nurseries I've looked at and I didn't like my first one either)

I'm not even sure I'll be doing Child Care in September but it doe depend on my health. (Physical and mental)


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