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Making the move back home - saving money

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Right. Before I started uni I had all these great plans of keeping my part time job and not touching my student loan, in the grand scheme of things I wanted to make enough money to save for a deposit on a flat after I graduate.

The reality is, I've gotten into trouble with the shitty landlord over rent and him not telling me my money hjadn't gone through until 6months later (meaning it's another £400 I dont' have) and instead of thinking, oh uni is just down the road, I hardly went AT ALL this year. I've had to take on another part time job and this makes me tired and cranky when I go in for labs etc. I haven't kept in touch with friends because I sleep loads during the day and am always too skint to go out.

My parents...aren't pressuring me to move back but they keep throwing subtle hints about how much money I'd save, and how me making the money for a deposit is more likely if I move home.

Sigh. I would just miss having the freedom, meh.

Any thoughts?


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    I would say it would depend on how skint you are. If it just something that could be sorted by a quick loan from the parents ;) I would try that. I think living with mates at university is just as important as the course.

    Have you applied for a hardship loan? They are quite generous and don't check what you spend it on :p And its well easy to qualify.

    Try and think about ways off getting yourself out of the immediate debt, but if it becomes too much then you may have to move home with the parents.
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    Halloween wrote: »
    Any thoughts?
    yeah. welcome to student life. most people are in the same boat. at least tho' you do have a home to go back to if needs be... as Calvin said if you are under severe financial strain then get yourself down your union and they might be able to sort out some financial help for you.
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    What does moving back home entail? Giving up the course? Not paying rent over the summer? Or just commuting to uni?

    If things reallly aren't working and where you live is a reasonable place to get to the uni from I'd consider it if it means you're likely to be able to move out for good sooner. If you can get things back on trach, then maybe stay put.

    Do you have any siblings? I've found amoung friends that people with younger siblings have more problems with losing freedom back at home than those with older ones.
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    How far away is your parents place from uni? Do you get on with them? I'd say if you get on with them then move back.

    Try and sort out your finances too. A student loan isn't designed to be saved as a deposit to buy a flat (although of course, you can use it for that if you want to and are able to), it's aimed at helping you buy food/books, pay for bills etc. Take a look at your spending.
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    Uni is about an hour away on public transport, I get on well with my folks well enough and my siblings. I just think I changed into a completely different person this year, like I didn't partake in any uni activities (I used to write for the newspaper and gym a lot) and I never went out with my uni friends.

    I'd still be going to uni, it would just take longer in the mornings.

    Hmmm..ta muchos for the thoughts.
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    I lived at home for a year whilst at university - because the person I was going to move in with dropped out and I didn't organise myself - it was fine and not too stressful - however I did have lots of friends who had stayed at home to hang out with and i did less uni socialising stuff I guess as i always had to get the last train home - however there wasnt' much at my university anyway and lots of people on my course lived at home as well. I did middle easten history so most of my friends were Muslim girls - so not big on the going out in the evening front.

    I would say do it if its going to make your finances better and you wont' end up killing your parents. Err though i have to say my experience was greatly improved by having a local boyfriend who's house I could escape to on a regular basis.
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