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Can you tell me what this means exactly

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When i booted up the pc this morning avast told me i had a trojan in my internet temp folder, quite pissed off because this is the first time it's happened since i started using avast and sygate.

Have done a full virus scan and one of the results has the location of the file [the file in question is related to farcry and ends with/data1.cab] alongside it reads : unable to scan : This file is a decompression bomb.

Doesn't sound too good, gives off vibes of something nasty hiding away but I played Farcry months ago and completed it. Can anyone tell me what this " compression bomb " is/means please.

Thanks :)

ETA: Can anyone also point me in the direction of some [good] information about the win.32 agent GDK Trojan as i cannot find anything [for a change!]. Cheers


  • Indrid ColdIndrid Cold Warming up? Posts: 16,688
    "Decompression bomb" as I understand it, probably means that if your computer tried to decompress this file (.cab is a compressed file, like .zip or .rar) there would be an endless series of data coming out of it.
    I might be wrong, but that's how I understand it. In any case, uninstalling and reinstalling the game (you don't have to lose your save files) should fix it, especially if it's an original.
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    Sometimes I forget that people do still get virus', whenever I get something from my virus scanner it's a false positive.

    Past few months when I've had to reinstall operating system every few weeks I've not bothered with one.

    Nothing really useful, just to say yea, try uninstalling it. Then deleting the .cab file if it's still there.

    eta: exactly what indrid said
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