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Making appointments during school hours



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    That's completely unfair. It's not because of that at all, it is because they are looking out for their students welfare. Both of the universities have plenty of money availiable as hardship grants and would far rather give you that than have you working during term time. Generally they are the most respected academic institutions in the country, and teach everything in 3 8 week terms which makes things very intense and the system is very aware of the pressures that causes so wants you to be doing academic work, chilling, or having fun, not slaving your arse off for some crappy studenty part time job. You'll actually find that they let you do some work for the college/university because they know with that you are not getting over worked or badly treated.

    Rant over, but it's something I feel strongly about and its people making smart arse comment about all their students being posh private school kids that puts off some of the people who really should be studying there.

    i wasn't critisizing the students - it just appeared that the uni assumed that most/some of their students will get alot of it covered by their parents as alot of them come from priviledged backgrounds. And as for all these hardship grants, why not just lower the fees?
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    Yep. You pretty much have it.

    From what you've been saying I'm going to assume that you don't qualify for any of the extra stuff which basically means that you will get two things:

    1. Tution Fee loan, which will mean that you don't have to pay any of your fees up front, you pay them back, a lot like an extra tax, after you graduate.

    2. Maintenance loan. Everyone gets one of these, it's just how much you get that varies. The minimum this year was a bit over £3k and everyone is entitled to that regardless of your financial background. This you also pay back, in the same way as your fee loan.

    Your maintenance loan will usually cover your accomodation, although how much you get left over after that depends on where you live and where in the country you study.

    After that you'll need to meet your day to day living expenses/travel/food etc, which most people do with what is left out of their mainenance loan and money that get from a part time/holiday job or an allowance from their parents.

    Back the to Oxbridge tangent, attitudes will vary somewhat between colleges, mine certainly assumes that you are paying yourself until proved otherwise. Oxbridge fees are no higher than a lot of other universities and they do have to support themselves someway. The funding for the hardship grants tends to come from restricted endowments which means that the only way they can be spent is a hardship grants.

    I'm not attacking anyone, just trying to clear up some myths.
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    i think derby is supposed to be good for law
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