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As there's a thread on what fucked up things you've heard I think it's only right to hear what sort of fucked up things you've seen on drugs.

I remember once on shrooms thinking I was all wet and stripping down to my boxers and sitting in my mates house on my own while a party went on outside. My mates little brother walked in aand he looked like he had hair all over his face like that kid in Jumanji. The pattern on the wall paper seemed to be alive and moving all over the wall!

On pills I've tripped out loads of times especially things like opening your eyes and discovering your somewhere completely different than what you thought.

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    Yeah I had the patterns on the wallpaper moving, very weird. Also had these mad russian dancers running around the room, and they were only 3 feet tall which was weird. A mate once went home to eat her tea, and she thought her mash was talking to her, and her peas were running away!! <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/biggrin.gif"&gt;
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    the most trippiest time on pills has got to be when we found a cornfield that was about 7feet tall! we walked through in the dark and at one point i thought the corn was tryin to suffocate me! we went through it the next mornin in daylight still pilled up after watchin the laberynth and all i could see were loads of gremlins running everywhere! there was also a farm and we found this wierd animal that we were all trippin out over at the same time! i could go on forever about that night, many trippy moments but a great time with some of my closest friends!
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    Staring at a wall, on acid, which was covered in posters. And every person in every poster turned into a Simpsons character, looking at me with a huge grin, and giving me the thumbs up. Twas very good!
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    One of my mates rarely smokes weed, but he'd had a few shotties this night.Anyway, he thought that he was on fire and started to role around on the grass to put himself out. He was screaming like he really felt the pain. In the end he roled down a hill on to the rail way lines which soon brought him back to earth
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    I once smoked a shit load of ganja and ended up staring at a blank brick wall that had my name written all over it in bright pink letters!!lovely

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    One of the first times I got really, really stoned I was bunking off school at the local park. After a few hours chilling by the river I went to walk back through the park, but was slightly disturbed to see pennies falling from the sky and melting into the ground and the trees running round and pulling faces at me. Not that they had faces, but they definately were.

    Another time me and some friends went camping in the woods overnight with a bag of hash cakes. Half way through the night I saw the beast of Exmoor walk between me and the fire, stop, sit down and start cleaning itself. After a couple of minutes it walked off again.

    But one of the strangest times was when me and my mate walked out of someones house and went to go back to the car, which was parked behind a hedge. I could see the car behind the hedge through various gaps, and I could see a Peugeot 406 and a Range Rover parked up along side it as well, but both other cars disappeared in the 10 seconds it took us to walk round. The killer was when I said to my mate "Wow, I could've sworn there were a couple of other cars there, a Range Rover...." "...and a Peugoet 406" said my mate, he'd seen exactly the same thing as me down to the make, model and even colour. Very freaky.

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