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please dnt screw at me

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this is purely just cause im doin bout drugs in my course at the mo and i was just wondering y u lot wanna take em, and did u actually never wanna take em but now do?
i promise i dnt wanna judge u, the site taught me not 2 do that.
ta guys, its just ive never felt the need or ever realy wanned 2 try ne of it, i did weed 2x's and didnt like it.
theres always drugs around me but i never feel tempted at all realy.
sorry 2 b nosy im just interested.


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    I usually just take stuff when I go to clubs with my friends (which isn't as often as I used to) but I enjoy the feeling I get and the closeness I feel from everyone around me.
    This is a pretty hard thing to explain to someone who has never done anything, not that i'm saying u should.
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    To anyone whos taken most of the various different drugs, there is no need to explain to them why we do it.... once you know what the feeling is like, thats everything said for you.
    I used to say that I'd never take anything other than cannabis. After a lot of thought and consideration I decided to try E in a club. And I had the best night of my life up to that point. I love the loved up feeling you get, the energy to dance with, all your senses are raised, and you can completely open up and enjoy. And then theres the feeling you get inside whcih is impossible to explain... unless anyone else here knows how.

    Since my first night I've had a completely different view on most drugs, and on life in general. I've taken other things (although E is my favourite) and I've had nights were I got completely fucked and it very nearly all went horribly wrong.
    But I can honestly say that I'm not addicted to anything I take, and I take them to make a good night out with my friends, into an unbelievable night out with the people I love.
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    Hello Helly!!

    Once long ago I was anti-drugs/smoking/drinking and all the rest. Then I went through a few mad years when I was 14/15 and started drinking/smoking. During A-levels I started hitting the pipes and bongs and then to Uni where I started on the pills/speed. After Uni I took a really quite bad job and started on the H/crack and all that shite before realising what I was doing and getting out of there.

    So most of the new levels of drug taking I have got to have been through miserable situations (with a few exceptions) but now I've given most of them up apart from the herb.

    I never really thought about why I started on each type of drug, curiosity mostly I suppose and hunting for a good time. I think I would've ended up somewhere much different if I never had though.

    Only users lose drugs
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    we had a similar post a while ago asking this:
    Why Take Drugs?

    I started taking drugs when I was 14 and going to raves, it was just part of the raver culture and I went along with it, I stopped when I was 16 and joined the army but got spiked a few times..

    The last 8 months I was in the army I began again with avengence, I was clinically depressed and needed an escape method to get me away from all the crap that was going on and it just sorta continued from there...

    I've carmed down after a scare at xmas followed by one at easter, hopefully I can dry myself out when I get to NZ so I can get everything back under control again, pills are about $60-100 (£25ish) each out there so I should cutdown without a problem...

    I always take them to go to clubs and occasionally to get on a deep one with a partner, I usually smoke weed to soften the come-down, its just something thats part of me...

    Hope that helps,


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    I first started smoking cannabis at 13 because my mates did - however I only continued to smoke because I enjoyed it. A couple of year later I started taking pills after my older brother gave me one (I'd always been a bit scared before then of taking one, even though a lot of mates did). I've since tried most things. The reason I try this and that is basically because it's all part of building up life experiences for myself and character.......er no, although true, it's actually probably more to do with the fact I love the feelings I get from taking them and the feeling of being part of something with all my best mates.

    But don't do any drugs yourself unless you want to and then make sure you know what your doing and what you can expect to feel and that you're doing it with good mates around you...that's why I took my first pill because my brother was doing them, was with me and I trusted him so felt safe....best night of my life at the time...(Strawberry Sundae in Vauxhall - has anyone else been there?)

    Drugs aren't bad....but drug abuse is bad and ignorance of effects can cause problems....just like drinking and smoking tobacco.

    I'll shoot your ego in a minute.....

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    i first started to smoke cannabis when i was bout 14 i was curious really as to why people done it so thought that i would try it.

    but then when your that age u want to know more bout other drugs so i started to do speed and trips and they were weird i wouldnt go there again!

    but then as i started to go to clubs and shite and drink wasnt enough to keep me going i started to do E's they were amazing at the time you take them but then u feel like shite the next day! so dont do them anymore all i do now is a bit of coke mostly every weekend i like doing it you cant describe the buzz you get but it is amazing!

    but no one ever forced me to start doing any drugs i guess i was just curious but i would never force any of my mates that dont do drugs to do them if they ask i will tell them the truth if they choose to do it then that is out of their own curiousity! dont do drugs though if you dont want to or just to fit in!!
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    When I was about 13-14 me and my mates got intrested in the rave scene, started listening to Hardcore and Jungle (styles of music that will always be linked with E). Most events at clubs were 18+ so we often ended up all weekend free raves out in the New Forest or Salisbury Plain. There, drugs were widely aviailable and in plain view so I learnt about them quickly form fellow ravers who'd been takin them a couple of years.

    I suppose I started doing drugs when I realised that I can make my own mind up and shouldn't always believe what my parents, teachers or the media say.

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    I started with puff, then progressed onto speed and pills, LSD, Magic Mushrooms, coke and eventually went as far as Crack...oh and loads of other shit like valium etc! It didnt take long for me to move onto harder drugs to be honest, and being deeply unhappy thats probably why Ive been so bad with them in the past.
    Unfortunatly Im not too good right now either but Im trying to sort this out, even though I cant see myself ever being without some sort of drug day to day!
    Ive always been curious, even though I was against smoking etc when I was younger. My brother openly did drugs around me so maybe that had something to do with it....but one things for sure when we did about drugs at school all that I thought was how much I wanted to try them lmfao, thats not good!
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    If you dont ask then you'll never know right?
    This is a message board free for all, post whatever you want <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

    I actually was in a Just Say No program in school which is a program to help kids "Say No to Drugs"

    Well I do remember telling myself that I would never even put a cigarette in my mouth. I would never EVER do any drugs it's just horrible.

    But when i hit age 12. All of that completely crashed.

    Im 18 now and have done a LOT of drugs (a lot more than i should have) some i regret, some i dont. Most of them i dont regret.

    But anyway, i do drugs because it's an experience that you wont get any where else. It really opens a new world to you. Kinda like letting you see the "other side of life"

    I dont know thats just how i feel.

    But I think it's great that you dont have a need or want to take drugs though!! And i would suggest that you NEVER take drugs because they all have health risks. If you can at all help it, dont take drugs.

    Currently I only mess with LSD, E, and Marijuana. I enjoy life to its fullest drugs are just another way to get away from it all and all the troubles in the world. Great to be worry free sometimes.
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    dont do drugs now, except for alcohol.

    i tried a few spliffs aged 16. Made me feel tired and thus didnt really like it. I find that most people who smoke hash only do it in groups so that they can self congratulate themselves on how 'stoned' they are...wicked.

    Had a few acids soon after. Dropped a half first which felt kind of strange...but certainly not unpleasant. Then took a few whole ones (one at time on individual occasions).

    Must admit it was really mad experience. No true hallucinations...i believe that this is very rare and probably just the tripee making it up...but deffo had distortions of things.

    Colours/noises just seemed much more intense, staring at an arcade machine for ages lol!! But then i seen an asian family with a baby in a cot....i was convinced they were drug squad (lol), made me a bit paranoid.

    Must admit though it was funny.

    However, last one i had (5 years ago), took it at 7pm, still awake at 7am, tried to eat, couldnt swallow. Started panicking...badly. Thought that the headlights on cars were staring at me...just started running around, literally. Had to see a shrink in the end cos it wrecked my head, i was tripping (badly but as bad) for 3 weeks!!! Gr8t stuff, not.

    So i never touched an illegal drug again. I would have tried E's and was always interested in PCP, that one sounds well mad but alas i cannot risk it.
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    Boredom made we want to take drugs. I was bored beyond description, fuck knows why. Probably cos i watched TV all day but i did go out getting pissed, so being permanently bored was doign my head in.
    I then started on hash and had some laughs with that. I then took a pill and i liked it so i took more...alot more. Then i started to arse about with Speed, LSD and Ketmaine.
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    I only do E when I go to huge parties (u have them once every 2 months in the Netherlands) but it just feels great. I don't need it to have a good time, on normal weekends I take nothing and I have as much fun. It just makes me feel like flying and I must say that together with ´shrooms, XTC is the best I've ever tried (x-cluding sex, of course). I'll never tell anybody to try it, coz it's not healthy, but I won't tell'em not to either.
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