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Acceptable use of this forum - PLEASE READ

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Ok, it really galls me to do this. Unfortunately due to the stupidity of two people I'd like everyone to read this to understand what the drugs forum is about.

This forum is for the frank discussion of issues relating to drugs. This includes your experiences (good and bad), opinions and questions.

We all believe that the drug laws in this country are archaic and should be changed but laws are laws and the police do monitor the internet. I'd like to illustrate this with a story. A few years ago I used to dj on the illegal squat party scene and we often used to post info about our parties on-line. One Friday night a guy posted a thread to a public newsgroup called "any illegal parties on tonight?". Two *hours* later the police knocked on his door, searched his house, threatened him that if he got within a *mile* of an illegal party they'd arrest him. He was lucky to get away with a caution for possession.

So what I'm trying to say is be sensible and don't incriminate yourself on these boards. Don't be too specific and *don't* put your mobile number on here or try to cut deals please, we'll have no choice but to kick you off for legal reasons.

ok, rant over...


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    Just a note to say I back Matt's post up 100 per cent.

    Advertising that you are in possession of drugs to users of the boards (and to all internet users in general) is stupid enough. Trying to do deals over the net is just plain insane.

    Sure, you all use fake names on the boards, but should the police want to find you, they can force us to give up IP addresses, email addresses etc.

    So please don't make yourselves and us look foolish - just be careful what you write.

    And if you don't know the penalties for possession and supply, go here. http://www.thesite.org/drugs/safety/drugs_and_the_law.html

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    Ok sorry people...
    Neph is a friend of mine at collge, didn't really think bout what I was saying... the 'bag' I was talking bout was an ongoing joke from college, cos due to current financial crisis, I'm carrying my stuff(books n pens)in pockets, n I keep trying to force people at college to buy me one.
    The likelihood of Neph buying me a bag is none, so in no way did I agree to get/sell coke to her.
    I dont deal in n e kind of drug.

    I dont know her side of it but as far as I'm concerned it was more a friendly joke as we r on half term n havnt spoken for a week.

    Sorry again....
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