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Looking for a summer internship with either a campaigns organisation or a charity... Any ideas?

I have little idea about how to contact them, but have a lot of skills and experience in campaigning (for somebody my age of course!).

Can anybody think of where to contact?


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    I've got a book that's a couple of years old now that I got in a sell off from the local library. It's called 'Worldwide Volunteering for Young People' published by How To Books and links to a website www.worldwidevolunteering.org.uk . It's got a synopsis of lots of charities and placements at home and abroad and contact details.

    You might be able to get hold of a copy or find something similar.

    Probably the best place to start is emailing the enquiries bit of some of the places you are interested in asking if they have summer placements and how you go about applying for them.

    That www.do-it.org.uk or whatever it is that Helen is on about might have some ideas and contacts too.
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    I know this might be a little late but also look at these

    They also have a voluntary section in the guardian and try your university carrers section as well

    Also its work contacting organisations your interested in working for and asking them if they need any help - some larger organisations run internship schemes which can be quite competetive to get on but organisations of all shapes and sizes often require volunteers and many small ones rely on them.

    I would thoroughly reccomend getting an internship whilst your at university in your chosen field as it puts you ahead of the game when it comes to job hunting after leaving university. Plus though many do not lead to paid employment I was lucky enough to get offered a job part time in my chosen field whilst I was still at univerisity and when I left my previous job the person who got the position had done a summer internship with us and then applied on the strenght of that.
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