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QUAALUDE2c-i or mCPP that is the question...

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
can anyone tell me what the differences are between 2c-i and mCPP if any i think they are very similar. I wannna clear up if they generall y have the same effect?


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    They arent even in the same group of drugs, one is a phenyilamine (you'll have to excuse my spelling on that) and the other is a piperazine.

    2C-i is a relative of 2CB, but has a longer action and is seen as having no depth to it, I've read reports complaining that its too 'plastic' if that makes sense. I've not used it, but if you do, make sure you get the dose very right, it is really small, too small to eye ball.

    mCCP is actually used to test migraine medication because it can cause seriously nasty headaches. It also is a seritonin activator, and has been compared to MDMA. It is also stupidly dose dependant so do not eye ball the dose.
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