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Dilemma should be my middle name! For the past 2-3 yrs ive constantly made decisions that im close to regretting in the future.
Im at a london uni since moving from Birmingham, but im really lonely bf is great but ive realised how important it is to have a life outside a relationship. Trouble is for me thats kinda impossible at the mo:
Im at uni full time, no way of getting out and socialise because i have no one to babysit my son and its starting to get me down.
If i had the option i would move back to birmingham but i wouldnt get any more student funding to start a uni there because this is already my 2nd attempt at starting a degree. I love doing the social work degree, thats whats keeping me here, but loneliness is really getting me down..isolated in a city of over 7mill people is very possible!

Anyone else at uni feeling 'alone in a crowded room'?


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    Hey, I'm sorry to hear that.

    Is there no way that your boyfriend and look after your child for a night every now and then so that you can go out with some people from your uni course?
    If not you could always advertise for a baby sitter.

    How old is your child? Surely there must be some groups you could join like single parents or play groups where you can get to meet other parents and socialise with them.

    Iv'e probably mentioned things you have thought of already but i don't know what else to suggest. Are there not any others in your position at uni?

    Hope this helped a tiny bit and i hope the situation gets better for you :)
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    Well trouble with the single parent groups is that they are usually on when im at uni or got something else on...Most people at uni already have their social circles outside of uni.
    Im hoping my sister will come down every other week so i get a little time to myself.
    My bf isnt my son's dad (he is in bham) so i feel abit rude asking!
    Im hoping once ive got a car i'll have a little more independance so that may make things a little easier.
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    I've moved to a large city recently too, you're right, it is very possible to feel alone, despite the vast numbers of people... As a postgrad, my course is small, there's no social space in my halls, so it's very difficult to meet people.

    I dont have a kid like yourself but I can understand how it makes it difficult, everyone needs a little me time every so often. perhaps if you meet someone in a lecture you could invite them back to yours for a drink once he's gone to bed? (I'm assuming he's fairly young).
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    Fuck must be pretty shitty. I'd hate to live in London, no sense of community there IMO.

    Can you not hire a babysitter from the yellow pages or something? Even if it is for just one night.
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