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Advice needed please, start uni at 22 years old?



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    I'm going in September too!!

    Access courses are grrrrrreat! I'm doin humanities too and have applied to do geography at leeds uni. I will be 21 when i start and can't wait, just reading all these replies has made me feel so much better. i don't think the age difference will be a problem. anyone else going to leeds in sept?
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    im 24 now and stil at uni! im in the 2nd year. but thats because i took time out and had personal health problems but besides that there really good at uni for mature students i think the oldest on my course is 40 and they seem happy also doing full time course with 2 kids!
    im going part -time tho for personal reasons.
    youll be fine.
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    MrG wrote: »
    Thing is, if I start this september coming, would clearing be my best bet, or do mature students go about ucas differently?

    As only one uni was a real option for me, I applied direct to the university. You can go the UCAS route though too it seems.
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    Hi, Sorry to bump this post back up but I want to ask for some advice.

    I'm in a similar position to the original poster, i'm stuck working full time in a supermarket and have been doing that since I left school at 16 (i'm now 23).

    Over the last few months i've been thinking about going to University and kind of think that if I did my A-Levels for two years, i'd be 25 by the time I got to Uni.

    I've heard of these access courses can anyone explain them to me? What do you study and if I started one this September would I get to Uni September 08 or would I have to wait another year? How many hours are you at college at? Obviously I understand that i'd need to drop some of my work hours but i' prepared. Oh, and how much does the course cost, it doesn't mention anything on my local college website.

    Also, once I did the access course, would I have to go to a Uni close by or could I apply for one further away? I'd love to move out of the area that I live because it's so boring lol.

    I'd be so greatful if someone could help me out here, I feel stuck in a rut at the minute and the thought of going to University to get a qualification and meet new people is really appealing to me,

    Thanks Danny
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