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Testicle troubles, bollock bothers, nad niggles

the_Paranoid_bunnythe_Paranoid_bunny Rampant PosterPosts: 487 Boards Initiate
ok... can anyone help me with this? i woke up this morning with a kind of a pain in (or near) my left nad (not excruciating, but somewhat uncomfortable). it was just a very faint ache when i was at rest, but when i moved or touched it it became kinda painful... so i had a little feel around and noticed that my left nad seemed to hang HIGHER that the right (usually the other way round).

It was like this all day until about 5 mins ago. The pain has very nearly gone, and the nad seems to have returned to his old position...

do i have anything to worry about? can anyone shed any light on the freakly events going on in my knickers? any advice much appreciated!


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