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Fitness on a budget

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Too skint to get toned up? Always fancied joining a gym, but can't afford the fees?

Check out our new article: http://ned.thesite.org.uk/health/wellbeing/fit_body,_tight_budget.html

Got any good hints of your own?


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    This is what we all had to do in the army and its guarenteed to improve your fitness...

    Circuit Training (All Continuous unless stated)
    15x Press Ups (wide arm) > 20m sprint > 15x Sit ups > 20m sprint > 15x Burpees > 20m sprint > 15x star jumps > 20m sprint > 15x Press Ups (crossed thumbs) > 20m sprint > 15x half sit ups > 20 mins sprint

    5 minute rest

    <<< repeat above this time doing each repetition as 20.. 5 minute rest.. same again with each doing 25 >>>

    Each exercise is best effort... make sure you keep going for at least an hour a time.
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    the price of *some* gyms/fitness clubs are waaay too expensive.

    quite a few offer student/young persons discount and some are just reasonably priced to begin with.

    i'd say the best way to start if you're new to all this would be go along to a gym with a friend so u feel more comfortable. Even if you're on your own, dont feel intimidated, the people in the gym are too interested in there own workout to be looking at someone else, plus they all were beginners at one time.

    Places like Argos offer cheap home use weights/benches, might be idea to use them for a month or two if u have the space. I did.

    Just go and be positive and have fun (but a good workout), remember there is far more to fitness than just weights and running, the gym will usually have a comfy area for relaxing and having a social drink, a sauna, a tanning room, lots of fitness clothes and foods etc etc...
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    Indeed, it is tough to find a nice health club for a reasonable price. I just spotted 2 day passes for David Lloyds leisure centre for £1. Includes use of tennis courts, pool, sauna, squash courts and generally looks like a pretty good deal...
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    Well I have every intention of getting fit quickly soon. And I can't justify spending all that money on the gym until I can assure myself that I will GO so i'm going to be jogging, walking, stretching, doing situps, press ups, crunches, and chin ups. All of this stuff is free <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt; And then i'll do some swimming, which is cheap if you go to the right places.

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    I did the 10km Blackpool Fun Run yesterday, first time I'd done any fitness in about 9 months... I did it in 1995/6 but in comparison my times were terrible... never mind its all a bit of fun, good fitness training too (my legs are killing me this morning.. heh)

    I managed to do it in: 1hr 6mins

    (Co-incidently, when I ran it in 1995, I was about 15yrs young and managed to do it in 40mins, lol... but I used to be like a X-Country typey bloke who ran for the county.. ohh the shame <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/biggrin.gif"&gt; )
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    I work out at home - running, using a trampette and weights. But also, I'd like to mention that I'm a member of Fitness First which only costs £29 per month in Stoke. My Mum lives in Southampton and only pays a little more. I've been a member of a expensive gym, but haven't noticed any difference in the standards. Also, it's very frindly there and no one seems to feel uncomfortable whatever their level of fitness or body-size. I probably spend more than £29 at the pub each month!!
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    Yeah you can also just go out for jogs, and then get into running because not everyone's fit .. all you need is trainers and a pair of joggies !!

    Then you could maybe blag, or buy, a set of dumbells and do a bit of cross training to help your running, and in turn shaping your physique to look like mine <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/biggrin.gif"&gt;

    If you also eat a bit healthier you'll find it's not only better for you, but it's also cheaper as well because a lot of convenience/ junk food is overpriced crap that sends you to an early grave.

    But in todays hectic society i guess that this is what most people, sadly, opt for, and that's why they can't handle their jobs because they don't have any energy or the right balance of nutrients to see them through the day.

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    *health warning*

    douglas adams died of a heart attack whilst in a gym! see, exercise isnt good for you <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/tongue.gif"&gt;

    thats just my excuse anyway.

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