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crik....crak CRAK......CrunCH!

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what really annoys me is joints, see i have this really rank joints problem which is that when i had my huge puberty growth spurt, my body grew faster than my bones could so they became seperate and a tad unstable, the result of this is that i can't go down stairs without creaking like a ship under full sail.
In the mornings as well, i wake up and i can't move my neck properly until i give it a good crunch on either side, elbows, knees and other joints just pop whenever it pleases them.
Am i gonna get nasty arthiritis off this? i'm nearly 18 and that seems just a bit too young to be needing a zimmer, it's not the sound of popping joints which gets to me anymore, but the fact that it'll come back to haunt me in later life, like a sardine sandwich.

Life is like a pubic hair on a toilet seat, before too long, you get pissed off


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