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De'nile is not just a river in Egypt...

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I seek honest introspections on "real" or subconcious rationales for our drug use. (I prefer cocaine because "It makes me really exciting" Why do we really desire to alter our minds. Is there something missing, or issues we can't/won't cope with that coke can numb/replace?
(I am truly looking for answers and insight- go beyond the mundane "talk show crap" and tell me I'm not alone with my over-analytic, cynical, yet hoping to be proved wrong, intelligent and well informed-but drawn nontheless to using. -Please share ALL thoughts.)


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    Do u speak English? lol

    But what i think is the obvious answer on that question is Acid n other hallucinigenic which change ur perspective on life n change ur views on how things work.
    Other drugs to numb pain, like alcohol can be used and used effectively to make u forget about things or make u happier about them.
    I think we desire to alter our mines as a process of learning.. Human kind has always had a thirst for knowle3dge, to take drugs is to learn new things and find out about more stuff... That is why people try them to find out about them n then u like them so take them.
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    I totally agree with daze. I also think that some people use drugs as a way of escaping reality and to live a different life. I did anyway. I think it depends on the person really, everyones different. I started using drugs like u would alchol down the pub, just a social thing that meant I had a better nite. When I realised that they made my life much happier and I could forget all the shit that was goin on things changed. They became a real problem for me towards the end, it wasnt just a case of goin out for the weekend and getting high then carrying on with my life as normal. I went too far and tried to feel that way every hour of everyday. Unfortunatly it did me no favours and really messed me up.
    I know loads of people that can take drugs just when they go out and have done for years, never developing a problem with them. I just took things to extremes.
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    When I look back at my drug use now, it has always been related to my depression. I use when I feel like crap, or feel nothing at all. It is an escape from realities I can't deal with.

    I also seem to be one of those people who get addicted quickly to just about anything, which may relate to my all-or-nothing personality.

    What about you blade? Why do you think you use?
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