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ok, I'm 16 and I look 16. My problem is that I'm much smaller than my mates and have a smaller bust so it's harder to get served booze.
To make things worse, a lot of pub owners know me from the gym.
I really want to look older. I'm as up for a party as anyone, but people always say I look too young for my age because I have a baby face.
It's really not fair, I've even been asked for ID to get a lottery ticket.
I really want to look older, but if I dress up I look like a slag.
Any advice?



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    Yeah I agree, it's all to do with confidence, if ya walk into a place xpecting to b ID'd u will be ID'd, as for stealing stuff, the best way is to walk in get it walk out, majority of shops dont have security guards... don't even need to hide stuff, just get it walk out..
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    god u lot r 16 and may b look it, but im 18 and i get id'd 4 lottery tickets! how embarassin is that.
    but, i also get in 2 a club on a sat nite and pass as an over 20! so theres hope 4 u all.
    as 4 confidence, ive learnt that 1, learn a date of birth, and the star sign 2 go with it, so if ur id'd pretend u forgot it and give ur dob.
    i once had a huge argument with a bouncer cause i was id'd (when i was 17) i even told him 2 f-off and he still let me in. bouncers r harder on the lads, they let in the girls to attract the lads.
    also, dont pile on the makeup 2 look older as they c right through that 1. also, have ur tits pratically hangin out, as theyre 2 busy lookin at ur clevage rather than ur face 2 id u!
    good luck
    c ya love helly
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    I no exactly how u feel lady liberty. Im five foot, and 18 and I used to get ID loads when I was younger. I havent for as while but that is purely coz I go out with people much older than me so I ternd not to get looked at.
    I found that by dressing up and trying to look older I was actually making the situation worse!It sounds stupid, but if U go putting on massive heels and tiny skirts etc in the hope of looking older, it does have the opposite effect. It really looks like u r trying to look older when U do that. I found that by dressing down a bit, by wearing smart but more casual stuff Id get in places more. U can still look great wearing stuff that isnt tarty and in my oppinion it looks less obvious. Give it a go and c what u think <IMG alt="image" alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/wink.gif"&gt;
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