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Home/international fees

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I've applied to uni to start in September 2007. I've received conditional offers to the law from the 6 unis I applied to: Warwick, UEA, Kent (at Canterbury), Coventry, Surrey and Gloucestershire. My first choice is Warwick, and I'm most probably going to put Surrey as my insurance. In the past week I've received letters from Coventry and Warwick saying that if I chose their unis I would pay international fees. This took me by surprise as I always thought I would have to pay home fees.
Here is my backgrond: I'm Malaysian and I've been in England for 7 years (on student visas); the first 4 years I was in a private school and the last 3 years up to now I've been at a state school without paying fees because after 4 years of being a student in England I was considered a home student. My parents live in Malaysia but they still pay taxes in England so I don't feel like I'm scrounging off tax payers' money. I applied for an extension of my student visa last year and I had to put down if I was paying fees for school and I said no, so I'm sure if that was a problem the Home Office would pick up on that but they didn't. So I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on this. I'd like to contact the unis and ask them about it but I'm worried they would take my offers away! I wouldn't be too bothered if the difference between home and international fees was miniscule but its not for example home fee at Warwick is £3000 (from what I've read) and international fee is £9120. I'd appreciate any help on this. Thank you!


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    There is a difference (as I understand it) in the way that Colleges (AS level type college) and Universities are funded.

    I think the colleges funding isnt changed whether you are a british national or not, just as long as you are a student then the college gets money.

    Universities arent like that, so therefore have to make up the short fall.
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    They can't take away your offer, there may be information they are not aware of so it is worth contacting them to get clarification......
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    They can't take away an offer they have made through UCAS (unless you've majorly lied or something like that).

    The people to get in touch with to find out would be your LEA (Local Education Authority) which is usually the same as your County Council as it's them that decides whether they fund you as a home student or an international one, NOT the university.
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