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Friend worries!!

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Hiya <IMG SRC="biggrin.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
Right there is this girl i've known for 5years, i wouldnt call her my friend but i talk to her! for the years ive known she's always been troubled, but now it's getting behond a joke! I mean she's 17years old acts 10, there is nothing wrong with her, but she is an attention seeker and always has been! Now this has got really serious she slit her wrists just for the pity, and now she is going about telling everyone she is pregnant! Which of course i know for a fact, coz the guy she claims to have slept with is my mates brother and he says he doesn't even know her! I pity her but this attention seeking is really pissing everyone off! She has got friends people like her, i dont understand why she has got to do this! I would tell my guidance techer about this talk to her, but this girl is at her everyday, so the teacher believes all her shit! Ive spoke to this girl god knows how many times, but its getting worse! What should i do about this? Is there anything i can do?
Love Miss_Kxxxxx
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    There's a girl like that in my year. I reckon the best thing to do is NOT to give her the attention. Giving people like her attention only serves to make the problem worse, as they think they can carry on. Forget the guidance teacher, go to your head of year. This kid needs help and could end up doing something even more stupid if she doesn't wise up.
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    just ignore her baragging and lies get people know eher they only do it to look good but in their stupidyity fail to realise they look like prats <IMG SRC="tongue.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

    xx deeby doo xx
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    From the sound of it, this young lady's seriously troubled and the best you can do is try to distance yourself from her, else she'll drag you down too.
    I know it sounds like I'm telling you to abandon her, but trust me, I've become involved with people who had similar problems and it did me no good.

    This girl sounds like she needs more help than you can give her (again, I'm not dissing you, just saying that she needs help professional wise). Maybe you could go to someone higher than the teacher you're seeing, I dunno who, but someone who knows the school councellor. If she's liking attention then maybe she'll agree to go to this councillor and maybe this councillor can help...

    Well it's pretty lame advice...but I try...
    Best of luck anyway
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    You need to talk to her bluntly. People dont cut themselves because they want attention, they want help. She must be deeply unhappy. Instead of treating her like a freak, try a different approach. Talk to her. If she says something you dont think is true, tell her straight out. Tell her i dont believe you and that you dont need to lie so we'll talk to you. Show her a bit of affection and offer to do things with her but make it clear you wont listen to her rubbish.

    You see, this sort of behaviour is learnt. If you show her a new way to get the company she needs she'll re-learn. I bet that when this girl was little the only time she ever got any attention from her family was when she did something wrong or when she was upset. She must feel very isolated. Anyway, this is only my opinion as a compassionate human being. It's your life at the end of the day and if you dont want to help her maybe you could encourage her to talk to a councellor or just anybody. Or maybe even write about how she feels. Im one with a belief that there is always a reason to how we behave. That doesnt mean how we behave is right or that this is an excuse we can use but if we positively deal with the causes, the symptoms will fade or disappear totally. good luck! <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
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