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Companies Ignoring You

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What the fuck are you supposed to do when internet companies ignore you? I returned some computer memory to a company (Microdirect - in case anyone was thinking of buying from them) when it wasn't compatible with the motherboard I had, even though it should've been. Anyway, they were fine with this and sent me an email saying a credit note had been issued (a month ago). I emailed them to ask them what I do about this, and someone emailed back saying that I need to phone their sales hotline from credit purchases, because they don't do it online. A month later, and I have not got through to their hotline once. Every time of the day and week, it just cuts off after about 10 minutes. I've also tried their customer service line which I called when I first had the problem, and it's the same. I've sent my second email about this a few days ago now, and they haven't replied to either. What the fuck are you supposed to do about this?


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