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Game Completely Messed Up Laptop

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Ok, so this isn't me btw! My mother has her laptop at home and today bought a game for it. Egames Galaxy of Games Family Silver Edition. She played one game, it was fine. Loaded a second game and heard a 'whistling' (I thought this might of been the start of the ingame sounds having frozen?) and computer turned off.

She's got this message (worded as closely as I can to what she said very quickly before it buggered off the screen):

Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible cause insignificant security settings, corrupt local profile.

Next screen:

Windows cannot find local profile, logged on using temporary profile. All settings will be lost when session ends.

As I understand, her profile i.e. her family tree programme, pictures, music, her new game (!) has been corrupted/renamed/moved/(hopefully not) deleted and she has a temporary one with default settings that doesn't save or owt. I've told her to take it back to the person it was bought from (currys/comet I'm not sure) as it's under warranty, WITH the game. I'm trying to find the games official website as I'm trying to find a phone number.

Just wanted to know if anyone could shed any light. Has she lost everything as she's heartbroken she might of lost her family tree information (there's tons of it) and it's taken her a year to do.

Thanks for any help x


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    Right, If you go to

    My Computer > Documents and Settings > her_old_username

    you should see a set of folders, My Documents / Desktop etc, This should contain everything that she had before.

    Basically when windows fucks up and the profile breaks, it'll create a new standard one, and it can appear that you've lost everything, but infact it's just loading everything up from a diff folder :-)

    I'm not entirely sure that currys etc will return the machine under warrenty, as it's a software issue. Was the machine supplied with recovery discs? If so use those to restore the machine back to factory defaults (After backing up the important data of course!)
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