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Should you cover all your bases, or just concentrate on one?

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Hi Guys,

Yet another question has popped into my mind.
When you're single, and you're looking for someone, should you find one person you like, and concentrate on spending time with them, or find lots of random people you like and spend time with all of them, moreorless at the same time? You know, like going out with one, one day, another the next and so on....???

I've always favoured the first one, and i suppose if you were spending time with someone you wouldn't want to think that their also parading round with a number of other girls... but... i'm confused!!!!

comments peeps??


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    Well people always say you should go out and meet lots of people, but i kinda take the stance that if you find someone you like, and want to get to know better, they should be the person you get to know.

    By all means go out with lots of people (not in a slapper kinda way!!) but when you find someone that you connect with, everyone else should be as friends only.

    Does that make sense?? If not, at least i know what i mean...!!!

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    I agree wholeheartedly with emmex. To start with, spending time with a few people is the best way, and then, if you find yourself attracted to someone, single them out, and let the others just be friends as they were before. the only relationship that changes is the one between you and the person you singled out. If you were friends with everyone (including the chosen one) before, then there's no reason you can't stay friends with them once you've chosen one as your partner.
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    in the two serious relationships i was in the first i was pursued which is real nice, makes you feel wanted. the second was a friend so it was equal amounts of attention going on between us.

    i dont think i could concentrate on one person because i would be worried about them getting annoyed with me, especially if they didnt feel the same about me. i would have my eye on one person in particular but in groups i would divide up my attention equally so as not to let on i fancy that person. i cant bare rejection. <IMG SRC="smile.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
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    looking at it that way i do agree with all of you - it was just one of those weird questions where you're never quite sure.. you know! I've always been more of a one-on-one person anyway, i'm not really myself in groups. It's just that someone said something to me recently which made me worry. He said that i was 'getting around' - as i had been round his, and been out with a couple of other mates (95% of my mates are male). It just made me think... that's all. anyway - one of my best mates is Badman, and he hasn't said anything.. so i'm sure i'm okay. He goes out with loads of girls and no-one says anything, so if he can do it - why cant i?!
    Honey - if it ever does look like i'm 'getting around' you'd tell me, right? I think it was just simon (my ex) trying to get me to get back together with him again, and cut out any potential competition. hmmmm...

    [ 27-02-2002: Message edited by: Minipig ]
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