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Separated families survey

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Hi guys, a woman called Kath Hennell has requested permission to ask you for help with the following research. She is undertaking this study for her Masters in Research Methods at Liverpool University. If you would like to talk to her about the study you can contact her on 0151 7092181 or at [email protected].

Think about the questions below to see whether you might be able to help:

Have your parents split up?

Did you get the help and advice you needed?

Did any adults ask you what you wanted? Who you wanted to live with? When you wanted to see or even speak to Mum or Dad?

We want to gather as much information as possible from young people about what happened after their parents had split up.

We can use the information you give us to inform the future development of services. We want young people to have a voice.

Please tell us about your experiences, views and opinions. It doesn?t matter when your parents split up ? just that you might have something to say about it.

We won?t ask your name and individual responses will not be told to anyone.

Please save the attached questionnaire to your desktop and then email the completed form to me

I've also attached a participant sheet allowing you to see more information about the study.



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