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Samaritans looking for help

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Tonja from Samaritans is looking for help with a new video they are producing - have a read of the details below -


Samaritans is looking for a young person to feature in our new DVD on emotional health for schools. If you're a man aged 18-25 and you have been through a difficult time in your life that you would be willing to talk about on camera, please read on as this could be for you.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tonja and I coordinate the schools work here at Samaritans General Office. Samaritans runs an emotional support helpline, but we also do a lot of outreach into the community, helping people to find ways of looking after their emotional health and wellbeing.

For the last 2 years we've been looking at how we can support young people in schools, and have developed a teaching pack for secondary schools. In it we try to:

- raise emotional health awareness and challenge stigma around emotional health problems
- develop healthy coping skills
- find sources of support and make it OK to ask for help

We are now developing a DVD to go with this pack, which includes a documentary-style piece around coming through difficult times in life. One of our messages is that everyone will face difficult issues at some point in their lives, and everyone has to find their own style of coping with it. We want to show this on a DVD, by interviewing three young people, aged 18 -25, talking about a difficult time in their life and how they came through it. This could be anything, for example parental divorce, being excluded from school, violence in the community, mental or physical health problems, bereavement, responsibility caring for an ill relative

Two of the three people have now been found, so we're just looking for one more person who could help out.

It would involve first of all letting me know a bit about what your experience has been and the sort of issues you want to talk about (and what you don't want to tallk about!). This could be over Email, or a chat on the phone or I can come and meet with you (and anyone else you would want to be there with you), whatever you prefer.

Once we've talked it through, if you're happy to go ahead then one of the guys from our DVD Production company (Adam or Myles from Agile Films) would talk or meet with you about filming. They'd ask you if there's any places near you where you want to be filmed, how you want to be represented, who else you want to be there with you etc.

The filming itself would take one whole day and we are hoping to do it very soon. You'd go out with the film crew to wherever you'd decided to be filmed and we would ask you to talk about yourself, the difficult time you have been through, how you coped and any messages for other young people. We'd work out a list of questions with you beforehand so you would have had time to think about it in advance. What we have done with one of the other young people taking part, is asked a youth worker he knows well to come along to the filming, and be the interviewer so its a bit more relaxed. You could think about whether there is anyone like that you would want to bring?

After the filming, we'd show you the footage before it is finally put on the DVD. We'll cover any travel or other costs you might have.

So that’s it! If you think this is something you might be interested in, please give me a call or Email to talk it through some more.

Best wishes,

If you are interested in taking part please contact me at [email protected] and then I'll pass on the information to Tonja.


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