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Mechanical arm

Indrid ColdIndrid Cold Warming up?Posts: 16,688
There was this man who had an accident and had to have his arm amputated. The doctor who took care of him told him some people were trying to create mechanical body parts that could replace real ones, and were looking for volunteers to help them see how the models worked. The man agreed to test a mechanical arm for them.
They told him that since it was a testing model it couldn't take orders directly from his brain, and he'd have to tell it what to do before it would move. And also there had been reports of a bug in the software, and sometimes the arm wouldn't obey orders the first time.
Several days later, he had no complaints about his new arm. It did exactly what he told it to do just as soon as he was done saying. Then one day he went to pee like other times.
He entered his bathroom and stood in front of the toilet. He said "Pull down the zipper" and the arm pulled his zipper down. He said "Unbutton my trousers" and the arm unbuttoned them. He said "Pull my trousers down" and it did exactly that. Then he said "Pull my boxers down" and the arm did it.
Next he said "Aim my dick to the toilet bowl". The arm's aim was perfect and he started to pee with no problem. Once he was done he said "Shake it" and the arm started shaking his dick. A few seconds later he said "Stop" but the arm kept moving. Remembering the bug in the software, he said "Stop" again. But the arm didn't stop.
Now he was getting kind of annoyed and started shouting:
"Stop! I said stop! STOP! Stop it! Stop moving! Hey, cut it out! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"


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