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low self-esteem

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
I know theres no real answer to my 'problem' but i think ive got a really low self-esteem, and want to talk bout it, as i have no where else i can. I think my low self-esteem comes from my school days. My older brother (whos a few years older) was a really popular person at school and had tonnes of mates, everyone loved him. So i feel like i should have followed his foot steps, but somewhere along the way it never happened, and i always regret that.

Not being in the popular group has damaged my self-esteem enormously, i feel like im not really good enough and ive failed people (maybe my family im not sure). Ive now moved to another school and going from a school where you're nothing to a school where im actually prolly one of the most popular people in my year is even worse in a way. Ive got a gf now for the first time in years, and always feel like she would be better off with someone else and if she went back and saw me in my 'old life' she'd know i was nothing compared to others. My old school was really unfriendly and taught me not to talk to people in other groups unless you wanted trouble. And now im just a really unfriendly person i think. The thing i literally hate about myself is my sense of humour, i feel like i don't have one and just a really serious person (but i don't want to be!!) I feel like im trapped in myself and the only way out is to gain more self-esteem and more confidence, which i think im doing slowly. ah sorry for this rant, but i really wanna just get it off my chest. is anyone else like this or am i the only one?


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Well for starters, almost everyone has a group in school. The people you think were popular in your old school are probably just lucky to have found their way into the group because of their better social skills.

    Just like the geeks have their label, and the trouble makers theirs. The trick is to be a nice person behind that label. You probably have an advantage here, you know what it is like to be pigeon holed into a group in your old school.

    Finally I dont think its fair to say that your girlfriend might be better off with someone else. She obviously likes you to be going out with you. If you want to talk to her about it, tell her how its different for you being more popular now, and anything else you like. Whatever you do, don't tell her you think she'd be better off with another guy. That might freak her out.
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hey,your not alone feeling like this.Iv felt like it for years.
    I was always a geek or a loner at school because I wasnt a "gangsta" or I didnt listen to the right music or speak the newest slang shit or any of that crap but at the end of the day when you leave school and get a job you`ll see how stupid all these little gangs are. :yes: Id rather be an individual alone and be happy with what I like and do rather than pretend to like something else just to fit in.
    The only way to get a good sense of humour is to be able to laugh at yourself but at the same time not putting yourself down if you see what I mean. :chin: Just try to find a bit of humour in all situations and try not to despair if things go wrong for you,as happens with low self esteem I find. :banghead:
    Good luck. :thumb:
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