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Things you want to do in your lifetime.

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I was thinking today about what things I want to do in my lifetime. I'm going to post the links to the things I want to do (if they have websites of course).
What about everyone else?

I want to do:
The Liffey Descent in either racing K1 or K2, and complete it.

The Devizes to Westminster (DW) in either racing K1 or K2, over 24 hours and complete it.

I want to win one of my races at The Nottingham Sprints (if you go to the Women's D results for April, June, July, September of 2005 I'm on there as H Murphy :p)

Travel to Australia, America, Ascension Island, New Zealand and Finland

Own one of these

Have some of these

Do something like this

ETA I would like to have children as well


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