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Did anyone see the program on channel 4 about the total disgusting scene at the fraternity in florida involving the woman lisa grier????

If anyone did not see it I would try to describe it but it such a disgusting mess that words wouldnt be enough you would really need to see the documantary <IMG alt="image" SRC="eek.gif" border="0">

For the people that did see it, do you think or not think that it was rape??? Me myself got a bit confused as it looked that she was egging them on(I thought that psychobabble excuse was a lot of crap)but then in some parts it looked like she was struggling and didnt want the guy to have sex with her(but sometimes you could hear her laughing!!)

I think it was not rape as she didnt have to go back if she didnt feel safe, she didnt have to get in the hot tube naked, she didnt have to do more lap dances for free, she didnt have to give the guy a BJ to try and make the other guy go away. She could have basically done what the other stripper did, do her job, take the cash and go home.

One thing I will say is that all the guys involved are fucking sleeze bags and I hope they have a misserable life and cant get a job, as anyone that can sit and watch and let something like happen/or take part in it are sick in the head and should be put in a mental home!!!


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    I caught the last half of the programme. It was very confusing to say the least.

    There were times when I thought she was being raped and then times when it was obvious she wasnt.

    I dont think she was raped. She never once asked them to stop, she never once said no. She never once said anything whatsoever to discourage them. She didnt fight anyone off and she instigated several things herself.

    She knew full well that they would be having sex when she agreed to stay all night when her stripper mate left. She was a stripper offering extra services. It seemed to me that she got second thoughts a couple of times during the night that caused her to pull back for a moment. She obviously overcame those second thoughts because she continued.

    Why are the guys involved sleezebags? They hired a stripped and she agreed to a shag session. They were all drunk, both the guys and the girl. They were saying some shitty things but you do that when youre drunk.

    Unfortunately all parties involved are going to have this in their lives forever. Lisa will earn massive amounts of cash from it seeing as the guys involved are probably rich and certainly will be in the future. The guys involved are back in Uni now and are hopefully gonna get on with their lives. That night will hang over their heads for a long time to come.
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    I called them sleezebags as what happened was disgusting(in my point of view!)and very very sad.

    I personally thought it was degrading with the things the guys and woman were saying, but I know that some people get a kick out of it.

    I am sooooooooooo glad am not them I see myself as being better than them.
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    I agree with you there Kathryn. However, some people find that kind of thing desirable. Obviously the men involved liked that kind of thing. They told her they liked rough sex.

    The film is widely available. Its even being made into a film which will be released to the public.
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