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Bush admits to illegal phone taps



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    NDC777 wrote:
    Sollog Quatrains - Verse 0103
    Bush is the cognomen of he that is doomed
    Three generations have sworn to their lord of gloom
    God spoke through a burning Bush that then bloomed
    The burning Bush is the end of power from the Tomb
    :lol: Deary me, do you EVER give up?

    Oh well, you are funny.
    You people seem to assume Bush is Hitler
    No. OR he wouldn't vbe supporting Israel, the War Criminal, so strongly. Nor would he continue with "democracy" (lost votes?). He is far from Hitler. But that makes his grasping of power no less worrying.

    Taxes? Pretty bad with Bush's Tax the poor, free the rich, but hey... could be worse. CLinton was good yeah... bring that fella back!

    Cheny IS in Charge. You don't think they'd let Bush himself (the stupid man, and drug addict, alcoholic) near the control of the US? Like Tony Blair, he's the fall guy, the figurehead.
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    Walkindude wrote:
    There is always a way to get round laws, epsicelally for the government etc, so your gnna have a hard to time proving treason against you and unless you can prove the phone taps are against the interests of the american people or is specially for the harm of the people or even a betryal for th ebenfit of another country, then you cannot prove treason.
    didn't say i could prove it. Matter of fact in a legal sense you would probably have a hard time proving that it was. People get away with murder every day.
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    Murder! Murder! Murder! Lets chant it...woooooo!
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    I'm sorry but I don't see cheny as the man in charge, if there is someone controlling Bush it isn't cheny and who is controlling tony blair? he seems pretty much a head to me, he may have lost the plot a bit but I don't see anyone pulling his strings.

    I just think its a case of the well of west, turning in on itself due to guilt and popularlity. Its a fashionable thing to do. Hardly rebellious at all really.

    I'd say watch this year, if nothing major happens this year, say around march time or june, then we will be safe until there is some big natural disaster or summat.
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