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Sugar magazine case study

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A journalist writing for Sugar magazine is looking to interview a teenage girl whose mum or dad takes cocaine, ecstasy or marijuana. Here are the details:

I'm looking for a totally anonymous teenage girl to interview. This might be something you discovered by accident, or that your mum or dad is quite open about. They might only have done it once, or maybe they take it regularly... It doesn’t matter. The main thing is: how does it make you feel? What is your situation? Have you and your parent discussed it? Does it make you more or less likely to indulge? What do you think law should be? How would you feel if friends/ parents of friends knew etc?

You need to be a girl and need to be aged ideally 13-19. I do not need to know your real name and the interview can be done over the phone. Please call or email Kate on: 07769 692 287 or [email protected]


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