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MrG misses you all

SystemSystem Posts: 8,653 Staff Team
Came on here this morning, and its been a whole three solid days since i even ventured here, im really sad cause i used to be on here all the time, pressures of a working life.

I really do want to get to a meet, hopefully there will be one organised somewhere sometime that i will be able to get to. I was going to do a newcastle/durham meet, but if i book time off work, i want to be as far from work as possible kinda thing, not pussyfooting around durham or newcastle, cause time off is supposed to destress ones-self

now im off to the kitchen cause my scampi with vegetable cheese grills, should be vaguely cooked about now, lastly, post here how you all are, be nice to catch up, cause usually when im not on the boards for a while, i can be bothered to read up on old posts, im on here for 20 mins, i dont have time, so godbless and goodnight


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