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Hi. I've got a bit of a friendship problem and I can't work out what to do. My best mate of several years is changing a lot and so am I. We still share many of the same interests etc and on the whole get on well. She has been really great and supported me through some really rough times but I feel like the gap is widening and I don't want to lose a good friend.

I've got over the stage where I want to be going out every friday night clubbing and drinking etc and I'd prefer to stay in most of the time or go to the cinema. I do like going out sometimes though. When I was into all that she would never go out with me. She'd just tell me she hates clubbing but now she loves it and wants to go to all the roughest clubs and drink till she can't drink no more. She makes me feel really bad because she says its just a waste of money going out with me which she has to borrow from her parents (shes unemployed) because I never get very into it. Then if I don't go, she always goes with this other girl, Amy who is underage anyway and I feel really left out. I spend most of my time at work and shes always going out with amy shopping too which annoys me because hey never even ask me anymore. I don't feel welcome and I dont have a huge amount of mates.

what should I do. :crying:


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    I'm sorry if this isn't a reply to your post, or not anything you wanted to hear. But some people will understand what I'm saying, and they will think I'm a little kid for saying this, (and this really is the last thing I ever going to say about it) but,

    The truth is, she made up stuff, and she doesn't know everything, but I'm done with this. she made up stuff before.
    I do understand she wanted change.
    If she's enjoying herself now that's great. Good for her.
    It's none of my business, just like mine isn't hers.
    She didn't need to participate in fucking up what I was doing.
    She didn't need to give me problems I didn't have.

    I don't need/want the change she needs me to make in my life.
    she has been lying to me for years.

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    What on earth is this all about?

    If you are both friends, have you not heard of talking to each other instead of us? :banghead:
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