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To complete the fraud......

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Government hopes to avoid jury trials for fraud cases.
The government insists the measure is not aimed at cutting costs and says some fraud charges have to be dropped because they are too complicated for juries.

Actually the opposite is true. Some cases are too simple to be allowed into the public domain. Anyone can make their own money, all it is is a promissory note with no substance attached. Banks do it all the time. Every time you get credit, they just invent the money for you to spend by monetising your promise to repay. Wankers.

Let's take a typical "fraud" trial.

Bank "A" has provided person "b" with paper with coloured markings on. The value of these coloured scraps of paper is negligible. The bank wants to take the man's house or at least twenty years of his labour to repay their "debt", which they claim is very valuable.

Or do they?


From today’s perspective, it is easy to accept that a piece of paper that costs a few pence to produce is worth five, ten, twenty or fifty pounds.

Like what the fuck? :shocking:

Oh, hang on, if I take £20,000 from my local bank but it only cost them 90p worh of resources to produce, why am I having to pay them back more than 90p? If you break a window you don't have to rebuild a house, do you?
Are old Bank of England notes worthless?
No; all Bank of England notes whether legal tender or not retain their face value for all time. If your local bank, building society or Post Office is not willing to accept these notes then they can be exchanged at the Bank of England in London. Contact the Bank of England for details.

By all means try and get something off them. I have, (being mindlessly single minded) and they told me to fuck off. (Ask for Roger Beaton.)

So what if, to repay the debt, our "fraudster" simply makes out a promissory note with a "pay the bearer" logo, affirming that the second the government stop dicking about with "money" and link it to something in the real world he will gladly provide said substance?

on an average business day. In 2003, the value passing through UK payment systems was around £130 trillion, about 120 times UK annual gross domestic product (GDP).

Anyone want to enlighten me how this fucking works? 120 times what we make in a year is just "wandering around?" HOW? And that's just payment systems. Not spare change in the attic, or ledger entries in the bank that some call "savings".

Fair play to them, it must be a struggle to keep their faces straight when they complain about "fraud".


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    most of the time its down to whether the defendant is lyting about what they done

    personally hedge funds are fraud however most of the time it comes down to whether the person lied about something here or there
    murder trials where the defendant pleads not guilty are often harder to judge as forensic evidence is probability and scenario based

    keep juries only sign of confidence i have in the legal system
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    there wouldn't be anything wrong with a paper currency or even electronic, as long as it was linked to something of value in the real world, the whole problem comes about because banks are able to create loads of money they haven't really got then charge interest for it, but it's not the first time i've ranted about fractional reserve banking on here, i think most people just don't get it klintock.......as for trials without jury, well i'm not surprised it fits right in with all the other totalitarian ideas floating about inside No 10.......
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