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Leaving uni

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I'm seriously considering leaving uni, and have been for a good few weeks. I'm at Oxford Brookes studying History & English Language and Linguistics, and basically I've chosen the wrong course - I'm not cut out to study History (I should've known this from A Level, but we all make mistakes) and I have absolutely zero motivation to get anything done.

I've looked into changing my course and I can change it for my second and third years, but have to pass this year first. Which I think is looking pretty unlikely, if I'm honest.

I was losing motivation and interest in learning toward the end of college, and I'm just thinking I might be better off to cut my losses and start earning now, and work my way up. I've got no intention of being some highflyer on £50,000 plus a year, so I'm not sure if a degree will be of that much benefit to me anyway.

So yeah, any words of advice would be greatly appreciated..


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    You either need to speak to someone at the university and seek advice on changing courses or taking a year out and coming back next year on another course. Or you need to just get on with it like the rest of us and put up with what you don't enjoy as a means to the end you want.

    Most people aren't inspired by their jobs and it shows admirable qualities to work through something you find difficult and uninteresting in order to do something you prefer.
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    try sticking it out till christmas, even if you do leave you'll still have to pay your tuition fees for the year (this is what i was told..and i'm glad 'cause it made me stay when i wanted to go).
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    I'm in my second year now, but last year i felt EXACTLY the same as you. I hated it. I mean, i liked the social aspect and the independance, but i hated my lectures and subject and just completely lacked motivation. I did however go and speak to my tutor and he helped a little, but really it was down to ME deciding what I wanted.

    In the end i finished my first year (Social Anthropology with Spanish..Ahhhh!) and actually managed to pass the spanish side. With that relief i switched my degree to Social anthropology with Social policy which is brilliant!

    Anyway, on to you. Just think about if a degree is really important to you, but remember that there are several ways in which you can gain qualifications. I was seriously considering studying for an open university degree part time while getting a job. They offer other qualifications other than degrees as well. Have a look at www.open.ac.uk. Just think about it logically, where do you want to be? All i want out of life is to be happy with my soon to be husband, 5 kids and a comfortable lifestyle, and although a degree isn't something i feel i'll need asap, i think it might help in the future.

    Still don't know if i made the right decision, but that's just life.
    All the best. :p
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