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Happy Mondays - Brum Academy Last night.

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that was great:D

shaun ryder tried to start wonderwall, greeted us as 'Hello Glasgow' was handing fags out to people in the front row, bez was just....bez. Seriously you should have seen the amount of sweat coming off of shaun ryder just from standing there, he came on with a pint and a full bottle of red wine drank it all during the show.

I awoke this morning to find that i no longer can hear out of my right ear. :shocking:

for the first part of the show it was so loud you could barely hear anything....i swear it was so loud that at times it slightly distorted my vision.

For the age and state they are in this was nothing short of a remarkable gig;

Setlist ran something like;

Loose fit
Gods Cop
Kinky Afro
Grandbags Funeral
(new song, the one from the goal movie, it was shite)
(new song, nothing special)
Mad cyril (into a mad cover of jumping jack flash)
Step On (this was brilliant, they had gotten the sound right by this time and you could actually hear the keyboards)
Wrote For Luck
<encore> 24 hours party people


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