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Should I just leave it and move on?

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I met an American guy this summer when I was working in the US. We never kissed or anything but there was a definite attraction and we flirted a lot. I've been back 3 months now and I've started uni so I've got a lot of new stuff going on in my life but we've managed to stay in pretty close contact- at least once a week and for some weeks we were chatting on MSN everyday. There have been a few times where it's got bad but we seemed to be able to move past that. But in the last couple of weeks I've started finding it really painful that I can't see him. I wanted to go over to see him in December and he said he'd like to see me too but he doesn't have a job so I'd just have to wait until he figured things out. MSN has been our main contact and he came on that quite a lot but I started calling him which he said he was happy about but he never called me back even when I asked him to. I sent him an email over the weekend saying I was starting to want to give up and he came on MSN the next day saying he'd miss me if I did that, he wants to keep our friendship going but he thinks our flirting hurts me too much etc. We signed off saying we'd talk later- he didn't come on again later and although he's done that more than a few times before I just got really pissed off and sent an email which wasn't too nice. He hasn't replied or come on MSN since and I think things are pretty much over which I'm upset about but maybe is for the best. However I'm a bit worried because it's unlike him to just stay silent and I've tried calling him a couple of times and he hasn't answered the phone- he wouldn't know it was me calling. Do you think I should call again in a few days time to check he's OK or just try and move on? Is it worth giving it time and then seeing if we could still stay friends?


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    To be honest your probly best breaking free now while you can. Remember it for what it was. Long distance relationships hardly ever work. In order for somthing like that to work you have to have REALLY REALLY strong foundations much more than just 3 months. I was with my girlfreind for 2 years at uni then i left and she had a year left. i lived 4 hours away but would still visit, after about 3 months she decided she wanted to sleep around while she could, (maybe earlier i dont know now), anyway it just leads to more cons than pros. Besides u said u just started uni. Uni is the best place to meet people as u all have a common intrest, the poeple are more geunie to than ones u meet in clubs and bars. Plus if you do happen to meet a nice guy it is much nicer to have him just living down the road so you can spend quility time with him. Good luck, and remember dont let this ruin ur uni expereince. :thumb:
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    yeah leave it tbh, america is just too far away i think
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