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Hey kids, what's going on? (Haha, joke. I'm only 15. 16 the 31st.) I'm Margo - I love three things best in this crazy life - books, horse, and my friends. Oh, and birthday cake ranks pretty high up there.
My life's sort of crazy cos I'm always on the go; going to my horse(Whirl, an 11 year old Thoroughbred who I love more than I can say... any horse lovers, please talk to me!) or the mall or doing interviews for comcast on the local channel. It's sort of strange, then, that I have a rather devil-take-the-hindmost attitude. I don't drink or drug cos my life has enough challenges as is... And since I'm in total share mode, I'm in love with a guy who's around me a LOT but who I don't have a prayer with.
Yup. Pretty much my life.


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