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I am a sep BBWF from CT ISO of FRIENDS

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Hi my name is Lynn. I am turninig 39 on thursday. I am not in a relationship at this time, my husband is a stupid man who apparently got the 7 year itch, and unfortunately for him - HE NOW HAS THE ALL TIME FAVE ITCH (HERPES) - What A Dumb Son Of A Bitch! That is true... it's not made up for laughs, although it definately deserves the Stupid Man of the Year Trophy~ :nervous:
    lollipops showers drugs online groups scrabble sleeping practical jokes

Sounds like everyone in the world has an addiction to something, tv, video games, what about guys who loves sports are they sports addicts? Okay, I ran with it, and it ran on and on and on... with particular point.. that is called "OH YEA" Rambling is their an addiction for that too?

OMG, LIVING IS AN ADDICTION, WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO NOW.... HELP ME!!!!! I AM LOSING IT FAST...... :blush: :chin: :eek: :shocking: :impissed: :nervous: :banghead:


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