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HELP NEEDED!! Personal Statement for Uni!!

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Hello everybody/anybody,

I know this is gonna seem really boring but I am a virgin (to this website!!).

I am applying for uni and need advice on my PS, please read the below and be honest xx

I have chosen a LLB (Hons) Law degree bcoz it will enable me to study crim & tort law in much greater depth. Having studied a lev 2 vocational course in paralegal studies, it has confirmed my interest in studying a LLB in law.

Working full-time for one of the largest organisation, the Metropolitan Police service within the Criminal Justice Unit, it has given me the opportunity to collate evidence from internal and external agencies, e.g. the CPS, PC's & solicitors. Undertaking the role of Youth case clerk, I have developed skills such as working to deadlines, confidentiality, diplomacy, working as part of a team as well as working independantly.

I have gained valuable knowledge of the working practises of the Criminal Justice Unit, the CPS and the ethics of working in a Pol stn whilst attending Mag's youth court on many occassions. I also have knowledge of the court procedure. The experience and knowledge I have gained through working as a youth case clerk should prove useful in my chosen undergraduate degree course.

(The cheesy part)
Being a keen jogger has helped me maintain physical fitness as well as developing my aptitute to work towards deadlines and self-discipline.

I am looking forward to building on my existing experiences at work and college and looking forward to studying at uni and the chance to further my knowledge in law.

I know it is long winded, but please help me out.

Thank you guys. (Loads of Love) My lol!!


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    First use proper english - words like bcoz ,crim and a lel don't give the right impression.

    You haven't said much about why you want to study law - why not talk about specific areas which interest you and why.

    The cheesy part is ok, but you might want to talk a bit about other things you've done which show responsiblility - e.g part time job, charity work etc.

    Also get some ideas from reading other peoples personal statements for law .
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    I wouldn't write a personal statement with words like bcoz or crim, I was just breaking it down for those reading.

    Thank you for your help.
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    I did my personaly statement years ago - but i remembe it being loads longer than that - you have to talk about your strenths and weaknesses, what you've studied recently, why you think your suitable. You have to have about 3 billion non acacemic stuff, so your a keen jogger have you ever entered a fun run, run in a proper race etc. What other stuff do you do??? Do you hold any positions of responsiblity.

    The start is good but there isnt' enough information.
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