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Welcome Me...if You Dare

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Who am I? I am courageous and shy. Timid, but strong. Forgotten, yet fulfilled. I am strange, unique, and alone, but given a choice I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s true that I may seen different to you. Unusual. Difficult to understand. When you actually think about it, though, who ISN’T just like me. In their own sort of way everyone has flaws. I am the ghost and I am your angel. I am a misty figure in the fog. I am the darkest shadow. I am a warrior and a coward. I am a mystery and I am your fantasy. I belong to no one, but me. Sure. My way of introducing myself is out of the ordinary and off-beat. It works for me, though. For I know no other way. Being original is what I do best, but I guess I’ll just have to end it now. I’m new here. If anyone wants to get to know me better, send me a message. Not e-mail.


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