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Drugs on Holiday

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How easy have people found it to get drugs on holiday and what have their experiences been like?

Last summer I went to the Canary Islands and had my first experience of pilling in a warm and sunny climate. It was amazing. :thumb:


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    If you are going to do drugs abroad then its always a good idea to check local law first, and what the enforcement is like.

    Some countries are laxer than us, Spain is a good example of this, but local coppers the world over never like mashed up tourists and the Spainish police are not above giving you a bit of a kicking.
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    Yeah I know, but I had some friends there so I was ok buying stuff. I don't think I would be comfortable buying drugs off a stranger on holiday. Bit risky.
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    Ibiza is ridiculous for drugs and the ease in which you can aquire them. Walking 200 yards along a street in San Antonio's west end you can expect to be offered 'hashish, hashish' at least 3 times. Quality is always questionable, and you will amost certainly have to haggle a bit, as they will try and rip you off.

    When I was there, we met this ex-pat called Pete who would hang around outside the same cafe with his wife everyday. He must have been in his 40's and had lived in Ibiza since it's early hedonistic days. It was quite handy, getting to know him, as we knew he wouldn't rip us off or give us crap, as we would easily track him down again. He was sound as fuck. Me and my mate were looking for some real good coke, as coke is notoriously sketchy there. Pete brought us, in his car, into the Ibiza old town on the other side of the island. It's basically an area of the town where the native gypsies live and tourists rarely venture in. I decided not to leave the car when we got there, as there were some very strange crackheads walking around (one guy talking beautiful amourous spanish to a scarf he was holding, which he believed to be his wife). But Pete walked off and returned with the goods. Still the purest and best coke I have had to date, those Spanish gypsies like their shit.
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    As whats written above really.

    thou i would add, be carefull in the land of the smiles, especially on Samuri and Ko pangan and up in the northern provinces eg, Chaing Mai and Chaing Rai etc

    It's not unsuall for the hotelier to socre you some, then tip of local plod who'll raid your room and thieve your sheckles or at worst, get you a nice little stretch in Bang Kwang for a ten strectch or longer :crying:

    i've been caught holding local grass whilst entering into Israel 1/2 ounce on the Egyptian side, and was lucky enougth to bluff the guy after two hours, then had to endure a further three hours Q's by Shin Bet on the Israeli side. I've also served a little time in Le Moy :( and got done for importing and possessing ( I had a pidgeons poop in my jeans pocket, less than 2 grams worth :eek: and it was straight up on remand )

    pps, Lol, i was banged up in Ibiza twice in the very early eighties, and took a right clump of the Guardia Seville. ( Green uniformed twonks)

    another tip is to know where the British consulate is based, and for organisations that organise legal help like prisoners abroad, liberty UK etc etc
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    in the past year I been searched for drugs in a foriegn country (london,barcelona) successfully hid the weed from the cop while he was still searching me in London which I though was done with exceptional skill, and is apsin he found a lump of hash so small about the size of this - OO he let me go after a debate wether to ship me off to the fellow cop.

    It depends where you go in holiday,my da told me not to have drugs in Turkey when I go because he said they would send you down for a long time (hear abt the austrialian?) I wouldnt like to be cause it a Muslim country ,maybe would get beheaded.
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